9/30/17 – Hard Decisions

Today in engineering, we determined that Veronica would not be suited for the October 28 THOR at Millbrook High School. We have put extensive work into Veronica; however, the chain in tube system requires much prior planning. This is because all drilling into the chassis releases metal shavings into the chain, slowly destroying it within the tube. Unfortunately, as Veronica had begun as our practice robot for what would eventually become Clockwork, we did not plan the new designs. As we were destroying the chains and gearboxes of Veronica and falling behind on design and development timelines we chose to improve Clockwork for the next month. Veronica will not be trashed, instead, we will use it for learning purposes as it still has much work to be done.

For Clockwork, we are deciding whether or not to create a new gear mechanism and have begun testing elements of our robot that may improve with certain changes.