Today marks the first day of the official FRC build season! The challenge was revealed as Stronghold. Half the team went to Hillsborough to watch the kickoff while the remainder of the team stayed at Frontier to prepare for the season.

At Hillsborough, the part of the team that went was able to see the new Stronghold arena, in addition being able to mingle with other FRC team members. We also were able to retrieve our KOP (Kit of Parts), which was full of goodies to help teams get a small head start for the 2016 event.

At the Frontier, the entire team read through the rules multiple times to ensure clarity on them.The Strategy team went through some different robot types including a shooter bot and a breacher to penetrate defenses and made a pro and cons list for both. They are currently working on cycle times and making a heat map of these calculations. The mechanical began working on a prototype for the shooting robot. The build team is building field elements.

We had a strong start and we know that the hard work we put in know will pay off in the end. Here’s to a great new season!