Our Mission

FRC 5190: Green Hope Falcons strives to enrich the lives of students and mentors through STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) education and the FIRST organization. Our team structure engages and augments the learning provided by schools. We make every effort to set forth a lifelong passion for becoming a global leader in the respective field of our world economy.

We have worked every day since 2013 to accomplish this mission. Through international outreach initiatives and programs that we have started such as Doyenne Inspiration, we have been able to reach tens of thousands and have truly inspired students of all ages to maximize their potential through STEAM.

Our Student Board

Shuban Gouru

Diya Nair
VP of Programming

Annika Bhardwaj
VP of Business & Operations

Sanjana Nukala
VP of Marketing 

Josh Bang
VP of Engineering

Asmita Malakar
Director of Strategy & Engagement

Our Advisors

Or in other words… the team behind the team.

Irena Klayko
Head Coach

John Bang
Assistant Coach

Lena Urmey
Finance & Legal Mentor


Wyatt Urmey
Engineering Mentor 

Amir Maleki
Engineering Mentor

Dan Lieberman
Engineering Mentor

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