Our Robots

2018 – Falcon Heavy

Falcon Heavy, the robot for the 2018 FIRST POWER UP game was our most successful robot yet. It earned the district event finalists twice, won the state championship, and advanced us farther than ever before into the playoffs of the World Championships. Its ability to quickly place cubes in the scale, switch, and exchange during the teleoperated period coupled with very good drivers made Falcon Heavy very competitive on the field. In addition, the monstrous “3 cubes in the scale” autonomous mode helped gain early advantages and made it very hard to defeat.

2017 – Clockwork

Clockwork was our robot for 2017 challenge. Our strong design allowed us to perform excellently at all of our events, including the world’s championship! Its strong ability to climb, deliver the gear and provide fuels to the airship – and performing these tasks at autonomous stage – made our team to reach the highest point in the team’s history.

2016 – Excalibot

2016 was the year of Excalibot. It had a strong showing in the district events and ultimately led us to become the captain of an alliance. Our design allowed us to breach most defenses, as well as score in the low goal. We even had a lift for scaling the tower.

2015 – Lofty  

Lofty was our 2015 robot. It was created for the game Recycle Rush. Lofty was named after a popular children’s TV show “Bob the Builder”. The crane in the show also shared the name with our robot. We named it after the character because unlike other robot designs which contained a generic elevator design we implemented a crane design. The crane arm picked up totes and trash cans for the Recycle Rush competition.

2014 – The Mosquito

In 2014, we built our first robot called the Mosquito. We came up with names, first the toaster, but once we competed we knew what to call it. With its low to the ground, defensive, bully other robots design, this robot “Will never go away!” This defensive robot was one of the best in its class at all competitions but it was also good at scoring goals. In one game the Mosquito even scored 89 points and lead our alliance to a defensive and offensive victory!