At our last meeting we discussed:
The Chairman’s Award which is considered to be the most prestigious award presented within the FIRST universe. The teams that have won this award exemplify all the best of what FIRST is all about. We reviewed a couple of videos from teams who have already won this prestigious award. We discussed the components of our team that are already very strong and should be included in our portfolio to FIRST. We reviewed the components of the award and indicated we will have to prepare a video. We identified some of the things we’d like to include:

  • We were able to present before the Town of Cary about our program. Due to our efforts last spring and in the summer and our World Championship appearance, the Town of Carry issued a proclamation to recognize our team.
  • We were able to make September STEM Education Month in the Town of Cary to bring awareness to its importance.
  • Our team has helped to found and FTC team in downtown Durham North Carolina at the Boys and Girls club.
  • We are planning to teach classes at Kramden about engineering to children and adults alike!
  • We have donated tools to a new rookie team. FRC Team 5511 is the new team.
  • We have doubled the size of our team and actively recruited female students.
  • We held a special event in the spring specifically geared toward Women in Engineering. MIT Ph.D. candidate, Whitney Lohmeyer came from Cambridge, MA to speak to female Green Hope Students. She is currently working on the Google X space project in Fountain View, CA.
  • We are providing scholarships on our team to students.
  • We won a Safety Award last year, the National Rookie Inspiration award, and the North Carolina Regional Rookie All-Star Award.
  • We are planning to Implement First Pitch. (More on this to follow)
  • Conflict Resolution Program – The Oracle of Peace and Harmony. We are planning to encourage students to identify conflict and to reach out to other students to act neutral negotiators to help students resolve conflicts and create feelings of camaraderie and consensus.
  • Although we have far more than this, these items are what we came up with for now, we still have far more Chairmans award planning to do!

    We also discussed planning for FIRST Pitch, and other intitiatives our robotics program can really care about. It is important for us to get out in the community.