A couple months ago, we first pitched the idea of FIRST Pitch. It is a team sponsored event at the First Flight Ventures Center to promote the business and marketing of FIRST, as well as strengthen other local FRC’s teams marketing and business presentation skills. Today was the big day. The Hedgehogs, Cortechs, Pink Detectives, and the Triple Strange attended FIRST Pitch and hit it off immediately. Our marketing and business team members have prepared different presentations on how to write a business plan. Sandra Gareton, director at RTP campus of Campbell University, gave a presentation on effective business communication. Our marketing mentor, Lori College, gave two presentations, one on event planning and one on fundraising. After this, using what they had learned from the presentations, the visiting teams wrote and presented business plans for FIRST Green e-watt saver light bulbs. Based on preciseness, message, and uniqueness, Triple Strange was crowned the winner.