For around the first hour of the build space meeting on Wednesday, we sat down and had a meeting regarding the most urgent tasks that needed to be completed, including:

Build Space Search

We are very grateful to have extended time in our current build space, however, we seem to be letting up on the search which cannot happen. We chose to assign “classes” or business groups to the students that were there. We also assigned the parents that showed up to a group with a student for the purpose of calling.

  • Big Businesses/Companies – Ankit

  • Hardware Stores – Bhargav

  • Realtors – Ivan & Russel, Sergio

  • Industrial Realtors – Rahul, Sergio

  • Small Businesses – Ryan, John

  • Shopping Centers – Ash, Shrijan

These students and parents have been told to try and have a list of 15-20 businesses in their category by a strict deadline of Saturday. We will begin calling on Monday during office hours. We request that our team contacts Ash, a mentor, or a student working on a group to help us. It will not take anyone more than a few minutes and they do not have to physically be here to make a big difference in this search.

Writing Grants

We have asked Rahul to help Amy and the marketing team out through grant finding a writing. That being said, we need grants. They are the reason that we are still running. We ask our team to please help find and write grants, especially if they are out of town. We are soon going to require everyone on the team to help before building if it is not done, as this is something that cannot be forgotten about.

We are in the process of contacting people to begin setting up FLL for the fall. Anyone that would like to join and help should make that known to Bhargav or Ash. We must make lesson plans and such before moving forward.

Fundraising & Website Update

Along with grant writing, we must fundraise to support this team. Bhargav has chosen to come up with a plan for the team, but if our team has any original ideas try to contact him. Also, be open-minded about helping to fundraise even if you are not marketing because help is needed. Amy and Ash are continuing the website update and are looking to remake and modernize it. If anyone have any requests on the website or recommendations please contact me about it.

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