Today in marketing, we worked on the website, grants, the search for a build space, fundraising, and held a student-leader parent meeting.  On the website, we spent time discussing the best ways to update and improve our current website to make it more current and appealing. On grants, we began assigning students to take charge and begin writing. We started searching for a donor for a build space and also started planning what sort of fundraising events we intend on putting together in this coming year.

In our leadership meeting, we went through crucial tasks, most of which are on urgent timelines. First, we must have multiple robots in functioning condition for upcoming outreach. Then, we must also have robots ready for THOR coming up in August and October, which also needs the sign up of many students, mentors, and parents. We must also move out of the majority of our build space and start deciding what is necessary to keep and what we can afford to get rid of or keep in storage. On top of that, we must focus on finding a new build space, and quickly! Throughout the summer, we must make improvements to our websites, even if it is the bare minimum and find students to assign to that. In addition, we must hold a boosters club meeting with parent officers and find students to help support our treasurer as she begins to fundraise for the upcoming season. There’s lots of hard work to do, and I believe that we are fully capable of pulling through with it.

2023-2024 Season Student Registration Is Now Open!