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Know the tools needed for FIRST Robotics programming. Learn how to install them on your laptop.

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Setup Tools

  1. Download and Install JDK 8:
  2. Visual Studio Code:
  3. Install VSCode Extensions: 
    1. Java Extension
    2. C++ Extension
    3. WPILib Extension:

Create Your First Robot Project

  1. Click Ctrl+Shift+P to access the command palette.
  2. Type in WPILib 
  3. Select Create a New Project 
  4. Select the kind of project you want to create. It can be an example project or one of the template projects provided by WPILib.
  5. Select the language that you are using for your project.
  6. Select CommandRobot for the template type.
  7. Select the folder to place the project.
  8. Enter your team number in the generated field.
  9. And last, click “Generate Project” and VS Code will create the project in the location specified.

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