2022 District Competition Recaps! (Asheville and Guilford)

On March 18th, the Green Hope Falcons participated in this first NC Districts competition after a year-long wait caused by the COVID Pandemic. The team competing in Asheville had a great experience with the autonomous code in which the robot scored 4 points almost every game! The shooter and climber had their own positives as it was able to swivel around with agility and the climber was very reliable. At the end of the Qualification matches, FRC 5190 was ranked 6th and had a record of 10 wins and six losses! On Sunday, the team formed an alliance with Triple Strange (1533) and Girls on Fire (5679) to make it all the way to the Semifinals. With their robust robot design and versatility, the team brought home the Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors! The new students, along with the drive team who competed in a competition for the first time, had a great hands-on experience and learned various new skills and strategies: ready to take on the next district competition! See you at Guilford! 

The Green Hope Falcons participated in their second district competition this year in Guilford County. With the experience at Asheville, the team was better prepared this time around and was able to maneuver the robot around better while also scoring more points in the upper hub. The opposing teams were more fierce. However, the Falcons were able to keep up. At the end of the qualifications, the team’s record was ten wins, four losses, and one tie, ranking 5th in the competition! The Falcons joined Valence Robotics (8429) and The Flying Platypi (2655) in an alliance and made it to the quarterfinals, where they lost to Terrorbytes (4561), The Hedgehogs (587), and Knights (8746).

Nonetheless, The Green Hope Falcons earned the Autonomous Award sponsored by Ford for their very precise auto code. The Falcons will advance to the NC State competition on April 9th! We can not wait to see you there!