FRC Team 5190 recently attended the Asheville District event at UNC Asheville from March 22th-24th.

Saturday was spent playing qualification matches, scouting, and strategizing for later matches. The team won the majority of their qualification matches, and we ended the day with the highest rank and a lot of confidence for Sunday.

We ended the qualification matches on Sunday morning with great success, where our 8 wins and 4 losses placed us in the number one spot. Our first pick was Team 2655, The Flying Platypi, and our second pick was Team 2640, HOTBOTZ. Our alliance won both of our quarterfinal matches with the scores of 68-67 and 78-62, and also won our two semifinal matches with scores of 80-57 and 84-63. Though we lost our first match in final, we won the final two matches with scores of 64-47 and 84-69.

Team 5190 was elevated to have been awarded the autonomous award, and delighted to have won the UNC Asheville District Event alongside our partners, Team 2655 and Team 2640. We were given a medal, plaque, trophy, and blue banner for being the event’s winner. Our team congratulates everyone for their awards and participation! The team is now preparing for the FIRST NC State Championship from April 6th to April 8th.

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