Thor 2018

On September 29, 2018, FRC 5190 attended THOR in Charlotte, North Carolina. THOR (Thundering Herd of Robots) is a North Carolina offseason event where more than thirty teams came together and compete with each other in a friendly off-season event.

FRC 5190 went through the qualifying rounds with twelve wins and one loss, placing the team in fourth place. During qualifications matches, the team had two close calls in the 13th and the 35th where they won 316 to 303 and 275 to 251, respectively. However, all the other matches were a win by a large margin except for one where their team had unfortunately lost by 180 points.

During the alliance selections and the playoff matches, FRC 2059 (The Hitchhikers) picked 5190 and 4829 (Titanium Tigers); where they went 6-0, winning all of their matches. All of the matches were won by at least 100 points and the alliance had an easy road to victory.