SCRIW 2018

After THOR 2018, we thought that we were done for the year. But, the victorious team at THOR and the enthusiastic incoming students could not resist one more opportunity to go out and compete. On Oct 20, 2018, we packed our bags and headed out to Columbia, SC to participate in SCRIW – South Carolina Robotics Invitational and Workshops.

This time, we had some of the newer students help us in the pits. Some of the regular members of the drive team could not make it to the event. So, the rest of the drive team had to switch their roles and do their best. And boy, did they deliver!! We started off slow losing the first two matches. Then, we won the next 8 qualifiers in a row and became the first pick of the top qualifier – 1102 M’aiken Magic.

We swept the semi-finals and finals and took home the trophy. The victory felt sweet after the rough start. Thank you to our great alliance partners – 1102, 3506, and 4083!