Nepal Outreach

This summer, our team was able to reach out to one of the most impoverished nations in the world -Nepal. In a country where approximately 23% of the population is undernourished and 25% of their population sits under the poverty line, the lack of youth STEM activity is not hard to fathom. 

In Nepal, our work was concentrated in their capital, Kathmandu. Here, we were able to reach out to five schools, holding eight presentations covering the importance of robotics and STEM throughout the world we know today. The five schools consisted of Akchyara School, Dadhikod Secondary School, Rato Bangala, Ullens School, and Blooming Flowers Primary School. We reached children from the second grade to the eleventh grade with various levels of English proficiency. Some sessions were taught fully in English and others were, in its entirety, spoken in Nepali. 

Reaching out the children of Nepal was an eye opening experience for our team. We were able to see the struggles and pains that others in the world face and were able to introduce technology and topics that many had never heard of before. Many children built their first miniture robot with FLL pieces and were able to collaborate and create in a way they had never had the ability to do before in the traditional Nepali school system. 

Our impacts there may be contained among a few schools for now but we hope to grow and educate the children in countries such as Nepal in coming years.