In preparation for the build season, FRC Team 5190 members are currently participating in the “Low Bridge” Mini-Competition. Teams are given approximately 6 weeks to prepare for the mini-competition, which will occur on December 5th. Each of the three subteams consists of mentors, engineers, programmers, marketing students, and strategists. Students will be marketing their team through the creation of a reveal video and logo while the robot will be built and programmed around the tasks that are required by the competition. 

Team 1 (SUCC) has completed all of the electronics for their robot and their pneumatic systems. Additionally, they have designed their vacuum intake system and written the code that will drive the robot. They are working toward completing the elevator, the winch, and fine-tuning their auto-balancing software.

Team 2 (Turret Tech) has completed its turret system. They are hard at work at designing and assembling the wrist of their robot and also building the intake system.

Team 3 (Santa’s Helpers) has completed the intake for their robot. They are working on mounting it and developing other systems in their robot.

All the teams are making great progress on their robots, logos, and reveal videos. The teams are excited for the mini-competition!