Mini Competition Recap

On Thursday, December 5th, FRC Team 5190 hosted the annual mini-competition! The team was split into three smaller teams comprised of engineering, programming, and marketing students with mentors to assist when needed. This year’s competition was named “Low Bridge,” where teams had to autonomously balance on a seesaw-like platform (30 seconds), move cubes under a bridge (60 seconds), and move cubes under a bridge and stack those cubes to build towers (60 seconds).

The teams, Turret Tech, Team SUCC, and Santa’s Helpers, spent six weeks on their robots. During this time, they all were designing, building, and programming their robots while also designing a team logo and editing a robot reveal video.

The teams performed stupendously throughout the build season and competition. To recap, Turret Tech won the marketing award for a great logo and reveal video, Santa’s Helpers won the quality award for a high-quality intake and winch, and Team SUCC won the event with outstanding robot performance.

As the offseason comes to a close, the team will prepare for the upcoming 2020 competitive season.