Updates with Doyenne

This past October of 2021, the Doyenne Inspiration team, along with Pitt Pirates and Titanium Tigers, hosted an all-girls/non-binary robotics competition! The competition brought together over 12 teams from across the state with over 100 participants eager to explore the fields of STEM. With the founder of Doyenne, Ash Dhungel, acting as the MC throughout the day, the matches were filled with excitement and fair rivalry. 

With all of the hard work from the past months of planning the event and fixing the robot from the previous competition, the team was beyond ready to put the robot to the test and watch the competition come together.

Though the 5190 Falcons did not bring home the winning trophy, the actions of spreading knowledge about engineering and programming, supporting other women and non-binary people, adapting to the COVID-19 circumstances, and showing spirited teamwork were a greater gift and accomplishment for the team. 

Doyenne Inspiration plans to continue this sense of unity by holding speaker series with women prominent in their career fields talking to the youth generation as well as once again hosting the annual competition in the fall of 2022.