Days 36-38

This is a cumulative blog for the last three nights. Anyone can tell that pressure is building up on the build team as deadline is approaching closer. But just like gold shines up when heated, our team is beginning to shine up like gold.

The current status as of last night is that arm is almost done with two motors in. Cherry picker is also unit tested on Lofty. Almost all of electronics is in place. Pawl design restarted in real earnest.

The team has learned lots of lessons in the process of putting together Lofty –

  1. need for right tools – we spend a lot of time making incorrect cuts, and then recovering from them;
  2. extra spare parts for important tools – we all know what happens when band saw stops working;
  3. spare parts in general for robot – we spend time waiting for our parts to arrive
  4. ¬†Produce quality work no matter what –

Given the constraints we  have the team is doing excellent. For last two evenings team has put in long hours and gotten Lofty almost ready for our programmers. I want to recognize students and mentors for their professional behavior all along. Thank You All!
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