9/16 – Almost Sparkling

Today in engineering, we toured a few new students around the building space, organized the build space, and worked on Veronica.

There were only a few new students today because our first official meeting for new students is next Saturday. However, we toured them around the build space and showed them what we do. They will be allowed to start learning hands-on next week, after their safety training.

We spent a few hours cleaning the build space. From organizing nut and bolts to vacuuming and sweeping our shop, we made sure our build space looked pristine for us to be able to work in a clean and safe environment.

On Veronica, we created the base of the winch, mounted motors, created and mounted shields for the gearbox, and created and installed a pneumatic board shield.  We are making great progress on Veronica and are looking forward to the decision day between Veronica and Clockwork on October 7!