9/27/17 – New Student Meeting

Today in engineering, we formally invited all new members to the build space and began introductions into the subteams they have shown interest in. We began the meeting with a FIRST presentation; explaining the missions, goals, and expectations of FIRST and our team. We then split into different subteams: mechanical, programming, CAD, and marketing.

In mechanical, we started each individual on their own squares. The squares are 4×4 and made of aluminum 1x1s, rivets, and gussets. Every year the squares are a requirement for new build students; it allows them to learn the basics of drilling, precise measurement, cutting using both the bandsaw and chop saw, and riveting. It also gives the veteran students and mentors teach proper usage of tools and safety while using machinery.

In programming, we began the basic downloading of Java and Eclipse. We plan on beginning the Java lesson plans put together by our lead programmers during the next meetings. In CAD, we began downloading Autodesk and teaching new students the basics of starting sketches. In marketing, we began giving students a rundown of what marketing is responsible for and the status of many in progress projects such as grants.