11/11/17 – Mechs Everywhere

Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have sacrificed for our nation.


The marketing team worked on the Shell grant, buttons, and other scholarships.


The Mavericks mounted pistons their box intake,  worked on their linear bearing lift mechanism,   Redid their intake mechanism, built clamps for their robot, and changed lift motors to make it more efficient.


The mentors worked on the bearings for their lift mechanism, their design, and worked on their elevator.


The Panthers worked on how to drive the robot forward using a gyro, fixed a broken chain on their drivetrain, mounted a box storage unit to their robot, leveled out gearboxes, and switched their elevator to nylon to make it more smooth.

3rd Pick

3rd Pick began their elevator and intake mechanisms, organized their electrical board, mounted pneumatics, and worked on programming autonomous. Through various means of troubleshooting, they figured out that their PDP was fried and that they needed a new one. They spent the remainder of the meeting going over parts of a robot.