11/04/17 – Mini Comp Updates


The Mavericks built their battery box,  finished their linear elevator which required them to work through some problems with the bearing hitting aluminum, and worked on a wooden intake mechanism. After that, they tested their mechanism and worked on the programming that would move their robot forward. They then had one of their veteran members help other teams with electrical setup. Their plan for Wednesday is to work on load-bearing issues and drivetrain issues.  


The Panthers worked on their drivetrain, gearboxes, and wheels. They began work on assembling their elevator and wiring their compressor. Once handing their robot over to their programmers, they had a program made to drive their robot straight using a gyro and were able to begin testing it.

3rd Pick

3rd Pick began by drawing up designs for their mechanism and then starting building parts of it. They also worked on their drivetrain, electrical, and pneumatic system. Their programmers coded their subsystem and learned how to use a PIDSubsystem in Java.


The mentors began planning out their claw mechanism.


The marketing team worked on the Shell grant, learn how to work the button maker, got plans for new designs, encouraged members to read emails, and explained the computer drive to the team.