09/10 – Divide and Conquer: Veronica Edition

Today in engineering, we worked primarily on Veronica.


We began with a quick meeting reviewing what has been done and needs to be done during that meeting. We had finished vision (with a slight memory issue) and the basics of coding. We still had to update the gear mechanism (Ankit), add shields on the drivetrain (Ash and Rahul), create a battery mount (Pooja and Charvi), add two talons in electrical (Ash, Isabelle, and Rahul), create the winch (Ali and Zuha), and install solenoids and cameras.


By the end of the meeting, we had cleaned our build space, made mounts for the new gear mechanism, worked on the beginning of Veronica’s winch, made serious progress on the wire management of Veronica, made and installed the battery mount, and made the gearbox shield.