08/17/17 – Finalizing for Football

Today in engineering, we worked mostly on the t-shirt cannon and a little bit on veronica.

On the t-shirt cannon, we tested our six barrel shooter to make sure it would effectively shoot over the wall we would be behind during the football game. Although it was mostly successful, we didn’t want to take a risk or wait the amount of time needed to build up pressure between shots. Due to that, we changed it back to the one barrel system. We then continued to continue testing accuracy and efficiency, making the small adjustments to improve these two qualities. One way we improved these was by changing the trigger time so that the shots had more effective pressure behind them.

On Veronica, we finished up the basics of the chassis. All components of wiring, motors, gearboxes, chains, and more are finished. All that is left is to add on and wire together the mechanisms such as the winch, the gear mechanism, and a potential shooter. We did not begin on the mechanisms today, instead, we practiced driving and continued making slight adjustments to make sure we were driving smoothly.