07/08/17 – Competition Simulation

Today in engineering, we worked on all three in-progress robots. On Veronica, we worked on switching the hinge structure to a drawer structure as started during the last meeting, added support for the bumpers required at THOR, and managed wiring for the battery. On the t-shirt cannon, we wired the barrel rotating motor. On the summer project, AnKIT Bot, we got the robot to begin shifting gears efficiently and tested the gears to continue making minor adjustments to smooth out the shifting. We also worked on fixing a simulated pneumatic problem with a fraction of our competition pit crew. This was timed and supervised by our former vice president of engineering with the intent of preparing our core pit crew to be able to step up and work effectively during THOR and future competitions. On top of this, we taught new students the fundamentals of cutting and drilling safely and efficiently as they worked on Veronica.