06/09/17 – Working for Full Functionality

Today in engineering, we worked on Excalibot, the t-shirt cannon, the custom chassis summer project, and began our move out of Gamma Technologies (our current build space). On Excalibot, we finished the electrical for the drive train, we finished the solenoids for the two-speed gearboxes with PTO, we added two talons for the shooter, we got it moving effectively, updated code, and got the LEDs working for the Cisco outreach event coming up on Thursday. On the t-shirt cannon, we got the upper mechanism fully functional and have got everything working aside from slight improvement needed on the airtight seal. We also decided to reassemble the one cannon shooter system just in case the six cannon system does not work as planned. On the custom chassis summer project, we finished up assembly. As we continue the move out of Gamma Technologies, we reorganized the back room and took down our boiler. We also began sorting through what we are going to keep in storage and keep out for the summer until we find a new build space.