06/07/17 – Preparing for Outreach

Today in engineering, we spent time on the t-shirt cannon, Excalibot, Clockwork, Veronica and an in-progress summer project.  On the t-shirt cannon, we made parts for, assembled, and mounted the new upper structure, which is meant to help support the new and improved six cannon design. On Excalibot, we spent time troubleshooting through some electrical problems and managed to find out what was wrong and begin the process of fixing it, hopefully in time for upcoming outreach events. On Clockwork, we were able to complete mounting motors and wiring the robot, according to our engineering vice president Clockwork should be good to go now. On Veronica, we spent time working on the pneumatic system and pneumatic mounts. On the summer project, we switched a current AndyMark system to a Vex system, changed the type of wheels used, adjusted the speed of the drive train, and replaced all belts with chains.