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Doyenne Inspiration is about empowering young women by allowing them to get exposure to all aspects of STEM. They will get to truly experience STEM first hand with the variety of workshops we’ll be hosting. Ideally, we strive to create a family of young women supporting other young women in this male-dominated industry. Our goal is to create better leaders and encourage them to seek future careers in STEM fields.

"I have only attended 2 Doyenne Inspiration seminars so far but the advice I have recieved and the lessons I have learnt have really changed the way I will approach my future."
Sarah T.
Fall 2020 & February 2021 Events
Girls Inspired

Our Event Series

Speaker Series

Through these Speaker Series, our goal is to allow young girls to learn more about various career options available to them and how they can get involved. At our events, we will be asking various representatives from companies regarding how robotics will fit into their workplace, what developments they have made to include more women, and other related questions.

Coding Workshop Series

Interested in our Doyenne Hackathon? Want to get a jump start into computer science? Join our Doyenne team for a look into the aspects of computer science, app design, and problem solving-oriented thinking through our Coding Workshop Series.

Upcoming Events

  • Speaker Series: July 17th, 2021
  • Coding Workshop Series: June 19th, 2021

Join representatives from Moen, part of the Women Engineering Network, for a panel-style discussion on their experiences! Occurring Saturday, July 17th at 6:30pm.

Through this Speaker Series, we hope to encourage young girls to learn more about various career options available and how they can get involved. Our goal is to understand: how do robotics fit into the workplace, and what developments they have made to include more women, among other related questions. At the end of the event, participants can ask the representative questions they may have and how they can get involved!

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