December 1 Marketing Meeting

Christmas is coming!  We are celebrating with a pot luck dinner and secret Santa on Sunday, December 13th. We spent time today planning for this.

Once the holidays are over, it’s build season!  Also discussed today is the need to keep everyone updated, whether it’s through social media, emails, or blog.

Fall Car Wash

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”” title=”Car wash video”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our annual Fall Car Wash raised more than $600, and a lot of eyebrows!  Lots of good clean fun.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


At this weeks meeting:

  • The 2014-2015 t-shirt designs were finalized. Sizes were collected from all of the team members.
  • We worked on the questions for the Chairman’s Award
  • We began putting the pictures and videos of what we have collected throughout the year in numerical order to put them into the Chairman’s Award video.


Today, the Marketing team worked on collecting video footage, such as interviews and action shots, and photos of various activities in the build space for our Chairman’s Award Video. Ranging from freshmen members to experienced mentors, we collected testimonials pertaining to different topics such as EcoBotics (a movement which you can find more about here) to FIRST Pitch (an event which we held to promote the business and marketing aspects of FIRST). It was great to hear from so many different people and what they thought, especially the mentors, who chose to speak of how the team had changed since its rookie year. We also had a new mentor, Lisa, come visit us for the first time. She told us about her work in United Therapeutics and how she is extremely excited to begin working with us.


This week, the team set up and tested some new video equipment we will put to good use for our Chairman’s Award video. At this meeting, we also put together our Chairman’s Award portfolio and start on the storyboarding process for the video.
Additionally, Marie Hopper visited us and asked us our opinion on this year’s assignment, Recycle Rush. She also let us ask questions about the NC Regional Competition and gave us tips and hints on what to expect at this year’s competition.


A couple months ago, we first pitched the idea of FIRST Pitch. It is a team sponsored event at the First Flight Ventures Center to promote the business and marketing of FIRST, as well as strengthen other local FRC’s teams marketing and business presentation skills. Today was the big day. The Hedgehogs, Cortechs, Pink Detectives, and the Triple Strange attended FIRST Pitch and hit it off immediately. Our marketing and business team members have prepared different presentations on how to write a business plan. Sandra Gareton, director at RTP campus of Campbell University, gave a presentation on effective business communication. Our marketing mentor, Lori College, gave two presentations, one on event planning and one on fundraising. After this, using what they had learned from the presentations, the visiting teams wrote and presented business plans for FIRST Green e-watt saver light bulbs. Based on preciseness, message, and uniqueness, Triple Strange was crowned the winner.


First and foremost, thanks to United Therapeutics for the $5,000 sponsorship! This means a lot to our team. We went to the build meetings at Kramden to share our input and help out the team. Online, we invited other teams to join our EcoBotics initiative.


The kickoff at ECU today was amazing, and the whole team has grown closer as a result. Over these past few days, the marketing team has planned a lot:

  • Made a rough plan of the Chairman’s Award video, drawing from the resume we previously created.
  • Took the first steps to plan the FIRST Pitch event
  • Decided to sell FIRST-branded eco-friendly lightbulbs as part of the EcoBotics initiative



After last week’s brainstorming, we all worked together to create a list of tasks to complete and a resume for the Chairman’s Award, to consolidate our ideas.

Also, the team members that went to the workshops at Chapel Hill definitely learned a lot about branding and fundraising, and we met with many friends, old and new. The tips that we learned at the workshop’s many seminars will definitely help us when competition time rolls around!