Day 34

Like Day 33, today was an intense day too. Team worked hard today to finish Lofty, our production robot. Harness to install motors, crane arm are all in place. Build ran into couple of unplanned problems. But they were able to resolve all of them and push forward. As of 4pm today, Lofty was ready for cherry picker and chain install for the motors. Tomorrow they plan to put all electronics back on Lofty. Here are some of the pics which show the progress.

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Day 33

Today, Ghost was outfitted with the old crane prototype and had limit switches, gyroscopes, and encoders tested and outfitted on it. The programmers got a lot of progress done with using these new electronics. Also, the programmers worked on some more TeleOp code. For the final production, a lot of attachments were made for Lofty’s finished design out of aluminum. In addition, the cherry picker device was worked on. The gearboxes and systems for Lofty’s crane mechanism were worked on but problems were run into as one of the gearboxes kept having issues. Progress looks to be en route to completing on time for build season’s end.

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Day 31- 2/5/15

Today we worked on getting the arm for the crane up on the chassis of the robot.

We had men working hard on the cherry picker.

The programmers still working hard on the auto mode codes.

We were mapping out our pit area.

Day 30, February 4th 2015

The team met at First Flight Venture Center today.

Build leads and mentors worked on planning out the rest of week with task items,

…Programmers worked with the new Light R sensor,

…and CADers worked with design for the rear support beams on the crane mechanism.