9/27/17 – New Student Meeting

Today in engineering, we formally invited all new members to the build space and began introductions into the subteams they have shown interest in. We began the meeting with a FIRST presentation; explaining the missions, goals, and expectations of FIRST and our team. We then split into different subteams: mechanical, programming, CAD, and marketing.

In mechanical, we started each individual on their own squares. The squares are 4×4 and made of aluminum 1x1s, rivets, and gussets. Every year the squares are a requirement for new build students; it allows them to learn the basics of drilling, precise measurement, cutting using both the bandsaw and chop saw, and riveting. It also gives the veteran students and mentors teach proper usage of tools and safety while using machinery.

In programming, we began the basic downloading of Java and Eclipse. We plan on beginning the Java lesson plans put together by our lead programmers during the next meetings. In CAD, we began downloading Autodesk and teaching new students the basics of starting sketches. In marketing, we began giving students a rundown of what marketing is responsible for and the status of many in progress projects such as grants.

9/23 – Baby Falcons

Today in engineering, we had new students come to the build space for the first time. We had them go to ten different stations: batteries, CAD, Programming, Chop Saw/ Band Saw, Drill Press / Sander, Electrical / Pneumatics, Marketing / Media, Hand Drill/ Riveting, and Hand Tools/ Supplies. It was a great introduction and all of the students got to see all aspects of our team. Thank you to Dan, Ankit, Sahas, Ivan, Ali, James, Peter, Rahul, Amy, Charvi, Josh, Neel, and Yanis for leading the stations.

9/16 – Almost Sparkling

Today in engineering, we toured a few new students around the building space, organized the build space, and worked on Veronica.

There were only a few new students today because our first official meeting for new students is next Saturday. However, we toured them around the build space and showed them what we do. They will be allowed to start learning hands-on next week, after their safety training.

We spent a few hours cleaning the build space. From organizing nut and bolts to vacuuming and sweeping our shop, we made sure our build space looked pristine for us to be able to work in a clean and safe environment.

On Veronica, we created the base of the winch, mounted motors, created and mounted shields for the gearbox, and created and installed a pneumatic board shield.  We are making great progress on Veronica and are looking forward to the decision day between Veronica and Clockwork on October 7!

09/10 – Divide and Conquer: Veronica Edition

Today in engineering, we worked primarily on Veronica.


We began with a quick meeting reviewing what has been done and needs to be done during that meeting. We had finished vision (with a slight memory issue) and the basics of coding. We still had to update the gear mechanism (Ankit), add shields on the drivetrain (Ash and Rahul), create a battery mount (Pooja and Charvi), add two talons in electrical (Ash, Isabelle, and Rahul), create the winch (Ali and Zuha), and install solenoids and cameras.


By the end of the meeting, we had cleaned our build space, made mounts for the new gear mechanism, worked on the beginning of Veronica’s winch, made serious progress on the wire management of Veronica, made and installed the battery mount, and made the gearbox shield.


09/06 – Veronica and Car Wash Prep

Today in engineering, we spent time on Veronica and preparing for the car washes.

On Veronica, we spent time continuing to work on improving the gear mechanism prototype. We also worked on adding two talons. While working on the talons, we also taught a few members about more details regarding our electrical system.

For the car wash, we made multiple signs. We are looking forward to a good turnout!!


09/02 – Falcons Show Their Talons

Today in engineering, we worked on Veronica, Clockwork, and some other miscellaneous things around the build space. On Veronica, we changed a talon, opened a gearbox to replace its wave washer, and adjusted the swing on the gearbox motors. On Clockwork, we took off a winch motor to test different stages on it for the most effective climb and created a Lexan guard for the winch because the old on had been broken. Around the build space, we created a shelf, organized the space, and disassembled Veronica’s old hopper for spare parts.


08/26/17 – Climbing Mountains

Today in engineering, we worked on Clockwork, disassembled old robots, and began making decisions for THOR.

On Clockwork, we made yet another change to the winch by adding a CIM with a 45:1 ratio. This makes it climb in six to seven seconds. Rahul and Yanis also worked on wiring for Clockwork.

Zuha, Isabelle, and Peter spent the meeting disassembling our old hopper. This was primarily done to salvage motors as well as reusable pieces of sheet metal and gussets.

For THOR, we established a general idea of who would be on drive team and in the pit crew. We also made the deadline of deciding which robot to take on October 7.