2019 FRC Season – FIRST Destination: Deep Space

The Challenge

Destination: Deep Space is the FIRST Robotics Competition game for the 2019 season. It involves two alliances of three teams each, with each team controlling a robot and performing specific tasks on a field to score points. The game centers around an outer space theme involving two alliances consisting of three teams each competing to place poly-carbonate hatch covers and orange rubber balls or “cargo” on rockets and cargo ships before returning to their HAB platform to climb at the end of the match. (Wikipedia)



Crossfire, the robot for the 2019 Destination: Deep Space game was our most successful robot yet. It earned finalist at one district event, won one district event, won the state championship, and advanced us farther than ever before into the playoffs of the World Championships. We then proceeded to rank 3rd in the Roebling Division. Its ability to quickly place hatches on the rocket ship, balls in the cargo ship, and to accurately score game pieces during Sandstorm coupled with very good drivers made Crossfire very competitive on the field. In addition, the monstrous “2 hatch rocket ship/cargo ship/ hybrid” autonomous mode helped gain early advantages and made it very hard to defeat.


  • Two-stage cascading elevator with <1.2s travel time and wide configuration to allow passthrough of hatches and cargo
  • Dual purpose eight-wheeled active intake on rotating arm
  • Two-speed 4-CIM drivetrain with dog-shifters
  • 4 linear slider bars for climbing HAB Level 3
  • Spline-based autonomous with non-linear follower with auto-align vision correction
  • Presets for mechanisms with S curves to maximize robustness

Competition Schedule (49-19-1)

NC District - Wake County

March 8-10


  • District Event Finalist
  • District Engineering Inspiration Award

NC District - UNC Asheville

March 22-24


  • District Event Winner
  • Autonomous Award sponsored by Ford

FIRST North Carolina State Championship

April 5-7


  • State Championship Winner
  • Regional Engineering Inspiration Award

FIRST World Championship - Roebling Division

April 18-21

Rank 3