FRC 5190 Goals: 

To embody FIRST® vision, mission, philosophies, and core values and promote STEM, with special emphasis on “Women in STEM”

  • Committed to Diversity: actively ensure that our team is inclusive of all races, religions, gender, and income levels because it fosters a diverse learning experience for students.
  • Involvement in the Community: by promoting a sense of responsibility in our team members to share our goals through outreach to younger teams and to businesses.
  • Organized and Cohesive Team: that communicates effectively and efficiently. 
  • Understand the Engineering Design Process: from concept through design, fabrication, testing, and competition.
  • Promote Student and Team Growth: based on a strong sense of shared purpose to not only design and build a robot but also build a sustainable team by training the next generation of technology leaders through soft and hard skills.