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11/17/17 – 2017 Robot Rumble

Today Ishrant and I had the pleasure of going to Credit Suisse and participate in the annual Robot Rumble event. This is a fundraising event where multiple companies get together over a single day to build FLL robots and compete with them. These companies send their own employees to compete and have high school mentors (like ourselves) help them out. Both of our teams did well and we had a blast! It was definitely an eye-opening experience to try to help others without doing the work for them. We will be excited to participate again next year!

9/26 – Cary Academy FLL

Today at Cary Academy, we worked on the project and began to strategize what we want our robots to do. On the project, one team was brainstorming a gravity-based rain collector close to those of the ancient Romans. This lead to the discussion of a pH tracker to make sure acid rain was not affecting their water supply.  On the other hand, we began mapping out missions and talking through which would be most effective with the time and point value ratios.

9/19 – Cary Academy FLL Mentoring

We had a great time today with Cary Academy’s FLL team. Today we split up between the two teams and worked on their projects. We focused on identifying problems relating to water instead of solutions. We figured that when we found a unique problem we would have an exceptional solution. Can’t wait to work with them again!!

09/16 – Great Beginnings with Cyberstallion FLL

Today we met the Cary Academy Cyberstallions for the first time. We had an absolute blast with them and some members from their FRC team 5160! We had our first introductions and got to meet each other. We also helped them research chassis designs, brainstorm and research for their projects, and plan and design a crane for one of their missions. Throughout the session, we showed them the value of planning and strategizing before going into building the robot. This was a great beginning to what is sure to be a great season!

Week 4: Building At Last!

This week at FLL, the team split up into groups and finally built their own robots! They then were given a mission, and are starting their journey to robot mastery. All of the students participated in building and programming their robots, and had a great time in the process.


FLL Week 3: Snow Day!

No Meeting Today!!

Hopefully this is the only day off this season, because we don’t have much time left, but the team didn’t meet today.

The team should be ready for next week’s meeting by doing research for the Aluminum Project, and possibly watch some instructional videos on how to program with the EV3 software.

Hope to see everyone back next week!

FLL Week 2: It’s starting off well!

Again, a great day at DDMS! The team is almost done assembling the playing field, and the trash project is going along well. Some students were taught the bigo live apkbasics of programming today, and next week we are going to be presenting on how to build good robots, and have the team split up to build their own robots. After building their own robots, they will learn how to program them in a hands-on fashion, and attempt to have their robots complete missions!